Founder, Steady CRM - a consulting firm to help owners increase customer loyalty and profits.

2011-13: Marketing Manager at MosquitoZone

Hired by MosquitoZone Corporation to oversee marketing, install a customer relationship management system, and establish a practice of generating and nurturing leads.


Experienced in marketing management and analysis, offering innovative solutions for strengthening the bonds between a company and its customers and other audiences.


  • Innovation--Designing systems to resolve everyday challenges, especially in marketing and promotional activity.

  • Creativity--Constantly coming up with new ideas, new ways to put pieces together in order to make a difference, revising and improving systems.

  • Resource collection--Constantly gathering data and ideas to help in making decisions, investigating possible tools, venues and opportunities.

  • Fast learner--Exploring new areas, constantly acquiring new skills, quickly integrating new information .

  • Decision-making--Able to organize and commit to a new course of action quickly, with firm grasp of the consequences and back-up plans.

  • Productivity--Seek daily achievements. Always looking for the next challenge.

  • Wide-ranging perspective--Able to see problems from many angles, anticipate what other members of the team will need.

2005-Current: Founder and Publisher, QViews

Systematically building a platform to attract readers with access to online, email and printed versions of the same content, keyed on current events.

  • Designing a newsletter publishing system based on blogging software adapted for use by any organization to maintain regular contact with their audiences.
  • Collecting benchmarking data on reader behavior and response.

2004-05: VP of Marketing, Safety United, Inc.

At this workplace safety consulting and training, my accomplishments included

  • Positioned the firm based on strengths and competitive advantages
  • Developed marketing plan and set up marketing performance tracking
  • Established 1,500 name database and wrote direct mail pieces.

1999-2005: Managing Director for FastHouston

As a volunteer for this nonprofit association dedicated to educating the business community about innovation, I

  • Performed public relations and designed invitations for events of up to 200 people
  • Planned and supervised educational seminars.

2002-04: Marketing Director, Griffing & Company, PC

In my part-time work for this suburban Houston accounting firm, some of my major contributions were

  • Designed presentations for seminar marketing programs
  • Planned and executed public relations campaign
  • Established email newsletter campaign.

1999-2002: Market Analyst, CGI IT Consulting

At the Houston branch of this large Montreal-based computer consulting firm, among my experiences were

  • Recommended industry and geographic markets for expansion
  • Installed a computer system for tracking sales leads and trained five users
  • Marketed information technology seminars using print and email invitations.

1998-99: Business Analyst, Shell Oil IT Division

As a contractor for the information systems division of Shell Oil Company, I

  • Managed the refinement and testing of a large Oracle database for tracking customer activity
  • Planned and supervised computer upgrades for dozens of sales people.

1991-92: Marketing Director, Microcomputer Power

For this corporate computer dealership, I managed all aspects of marketing, advertising and sales support.

  • Captured $1,000,000 in co-op funds from vendors including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple.
  • Supervised and developed a staff including creative and administrative support personnel.
  • Increased readership and productivity of newsletter by redesigning it for maximum co-op participation.
  • Enhanced customer database of 15,000 contacts for faster identification of selling opportunities.

1990-91: Account Supervisor, Ogilvy & Mather

At the Houston branch of this New York-based advertising agency, I led a team responsible for all sales support and government advertising for Compaq Computers.

  • Improved profitability of client's $3 million sales promotion budget.
  • Doubled my staff by increasing client satisfaction and obtaining more assignments for the team.
  • Groomed my successor from an employee formerly considered 'not management material.'

1988-89: Marketing Director for Prearrangements, Service Corporation International

For the prearranged funeral division, I managed a $4 million annual advertising budget and planned new marketing initiatives to improve profitability per customer.

  • Reduced cost of television-generated leads 45% with media-buying strategy and new commercials.
  • Designed a system for analyzing sales production against media spending and market potential.
  • Generated leads for 500 sales people and implemented tracking of sales conversion ratios.
  • Developed new source of revenue through direct marketing of partners' products to customers.
  • Reorganized the telephone-based lead-generation program and tripled productivity with new compensation system.

1984-88: Account Executive, Ogilvy & Mather

Assigned first to Compaq Computers, and later to other accounts, I advised clients in budgeting and management of marketing programs and led teams in developing, selling and implementing campaigns.


MBA in Marketing
Columbia University, New York


BA in Art History with minor in Business Administration
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth