How Apple, Samsung, and Starbucks met the Pepsi Challenge

... And the Pepsi Challenge at Godiva, Chipotle and Blue Apron

More and more brands are appealing to their customers' values instead of touting the quality of their product. Pepsi appealed to the youthful desire for adventure, Blue Apron connects to the commitment to ethical eating habits, Godiva is going for the people who appreciate artisanal crafts. I'm not sure what Chipotle is going for... being trendy?

NY Times: When Is a Burrito More Than Just a Burrito? When It’s a Lifestyle, 2018-Jul-29 by Sapna Maheshwari

Blue Apron’s marketing efforts have lately included pop-up events with cooking classes, movie screenings and chef panels in cities like Austin, New York and Seattle.

“Food, for a lot of people, is much more emotional now than it was maybe decades ago,” Mr. Dickerson said in an interview. “A lot of people are defining themselves to some degree on how they eat — ‘I’m vegan, I’m vegetarian, I only eat organic.’ It’s so much more personal and emotional than it has been.”... 

“It’s not an overnight thing to be a lifestyle brand,” said Mr. Brandt, the Chipotle executive. “You have to be consistent and find the messages that resonate with people and you have to do it over a period of time.” He pointed to Chipotle’s recent initiatives to run ads on shows that generate chatter like “Real Housewives” and a sponsorship tied to Fortnite players. ... 

Godiva, the Belgian chocolatier founded in 1926, has also been trying to form a tighter bond with consumers.

“When we think about being a lifestyle brand, it really means meaningful connections with our customers through shared values,” said Annie Young-Scrivner, Godiva’s chief executive. “And how do we become a more intricate part of their lives? We want them to invite us in.” 

Ms. Young-Scrivner believes that Godiva could have “a role in people’s lives on a daily basis, if not more frequently.” For example, the company would like people to stop in at one of its shops for coffee in the morning and a snack in the afternoon. And, ideally, that customer would see more in Godiva than just chocolate or caffeine. 



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