How Target is leveraging a special connection with its most discriminating customers
... And the Pepsi Challenge at Godiva, Chipotle and Blue Apron

How Apple, Samsung, and Starbucks met the Pepsi Challenge

Pepsi finally succeeded in challenging Coke by NOT using a taste test but instead using a personality test. Sometimes the job our product needs to do is make the person feel empowered. As long as our products deliver on that promise, our customers will be very loyal. 

Medium: People Don't Buy Products, They Buy Better Versions of Themselves, 2018-Jul-7 by Zander Nethercutt

In 1963, Pepsi hired a young advertising executive named Alan Pottasch to address the issue. Pottasch’s task was, to put it gently, difficult. He was to reinvigorate a brand competing against one of the most successful of all time, a product that not only outclassed Pepsi in every consumer-driven category, but was also — chemically — nearly identical. And so Pottasch made a decision that would later become iconic — as he put it, “…to stop talking about the product, and start talking about the user.”... 

Apple employees will never show you how a product works, rather they will let you use it, forcing you to familiarize yourself with the product, yes, but more importantly, yourself in its presence.... 

Samsung even reworked Pepsi’s initial genius, realizing that it is as powerful to portray the person people aspire to be as it is to portray the person they aspire not to be — in Samsung’s case, the brainwashed Apple user who never makes the switch.... 

Similar to how Pepsi understood they would never compete with Coke on product alone, Starbucks understands that in 2018, it is less about the drink itself than it is about who the drink makes you — on Instagram, and thus in real life.



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