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How zulily harnesses both people and data to drive customer loyalty

With Kevin Saliba of zulily we see amazing, aggressive execution of the 'new basics' of marketing: 

  1. Know why customers stay
  2. Employ and support people who love your customers
  3. Use hard evidence to decide what's working
  4. Innovate constantly.

Retail Touch Points: Exclusive Q&A: How zulily Grew Its Customer Base 22% In 18 Months, 2018-May-23 by Glenn Taylor

Data and hard facts are important in marketing, but there are also elements of “art” involved, according to Kevin Saliba, SVP of Marketing at zulily. The retailer seems to have found the right mix of science and art: zulily has made significant strides to widen its base and foster more recurring buyers over the last 18 months. Since Saliba took over the position in January 2017, zulily has increased its customer base 22% to 6.1 million active customers, while growing its private label credit card membership to 160,000 accounts.... 

[Salida:] "When I took over the marketing role here, I really wanted to make sure that we were customer-obsessed. Delivering the right message at the right time to the customer was important. We’ve done a lot of work on the back end making sure that we have the right analytics in place and data available, so that we can optimize and tweak. The goal is for the customer to get the best message at the right time.... 

It’s really a cross-collaboration effort. We have one team that’s focused on acquiring the customers, another team focused on retention and the lifecycle of those customers, and another team focused on the brand and creative. It takes the entire team working together in harmony to see success.

We’re launching over 100 events a day, and we have more than 9,000 different SKUs. The average Costco has around 4,500 SKUs, so we like to say we’re launching two Costcos a day. It’s probably similar to the newspaper industry in that we start from scratch every day. With that much activity going on, it’s even more important that everyone’s collaborating and working together. "



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