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How loyalty has become a hobby for customers at Marriott

Loyalty from the inside out at Hilton Hotels

Making sure the employees appreciate and have access to our company's products is key to building loyalty.

Quartz at Work: Hilton Hotels' newest upgrades are strictly for staff, 2018-Apr-2 by Oliver Staley

“Our mission is to be the most hospitable company in the world, and you can’t do that without great people, and you can’t get great people without being a great workplace,” says Matt Schuyler, Hilton’s chief human resources officer. “We can’t have a dungeonous back of house and expect people to have a great workplace.”... 

Hilton and Hyatt are part of growing wave of companies recognizing that money spent on blue-collar workers should be viewed less as an expense to be eliminated, but rather an investment that can reduce costs and improve revenues. Costco, the warehouse retailer, was a prominent early adopter of what MIT lecturer and author Zeynep Ton has dubbed “the Good Jobs Strategy” and other companies have followed, including Starbucks, JetBlue, and Trader Joe’s. Even Walmart, long notorious for its low wages, has realized it needs to improve pay and working conditions if it wants to compete with Amazon....

At Hilton, the investments in service workers are paying for themselves in the higher quality of applicants for vacancies and lower turnover, says Gareth Fox, a vice president for human resources in the Americas, who heads the initiative that Hilton calls Heart of House. Turnover at all US properties fell 6% in 2017, saving about $30 million annually. Among millennials, a famously restless demographic, turnover in the US fell 13% last year, Fox says.... 

The company also overhauled its program for employee discounts at its 5,000-plus hotels....

Employees can book up to 30 nights a year for a fee equal to the cost for cleaning a room. At the budget Hampton Inn, it’s $35 a night. Friends and family of employees are eligible for a discount of 50% off the hotel’s best rate, also up to 30 nights a year. There are additional lifetime benefits for long-tenured employees, who can take advantage of the rates even after they leave the company or retire.



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