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Don't all of us install apps out of curiosity? Occasionally, we may have a job to accomplish, but often we just want to see what we "could get." Facebook recently studied the behavior of users in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.  (I wonder if that sample was driven by consumer protection laws...). They found a big disconnect between downloading an app, using that app, and staying with that app over the long term. The conclusion for marketers: taking our customers for granted NEVER works. We have to learn about our customers and support them. 

 Facebook: Loyalty isn't over, it's now on demand, 2018-Jan-16

Find and reach your most valuable users.
Most app usage comes from heavy users. As such, growth opportunities lay not only in increasing user base, but also in boosting usage from existing app users. Know who your heavy users are by measuring how long they leave your app before they come back and re-engage them again within one to two months after their usage dips. Learn how to retarget heavy users with Facebook App Event Optimization and Value-Based Optimization.

Invest in always-on advertising.
Because an install does not always lead to in-app usage and purchase — and when it does, it is not always instant — it is crucial for marketers to improve engagement or re-engage a few days after install. Light users can drop off very easily, and most heavy users did not start heavy, so marketers should run ads targeting people who haven’t used the app in the first few weeks, not just the ones who convert the fastest.

Compete with yourself, not with competitors.
Users have a strong relationship with apps and, by extension, brands. Instead of focusing on stealing users from competitors and forcing exclusivity — which is likely to be happen as normal category app usage behavior — marketers should focus on creating a meaningful value-add for users who have downloaded and installed an app but have yet to make a purchase. 



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