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For customers, having a brand to republish your post is such a thrill. To move from an organic Instagram activity into shared videos, Crayola worked with Vivoom to develop a Crayola app that helped its customers create and share video holiday cards. 

Getting enthusiastic customer testimonials has never been easier for brands like Crayola. 

Adexchanger: Crayola Gets Crafty With User-Generated Content, 2018-Feb-8 by Allison Schiff

Crayola consumers create a lot of organic content using Crayola products. A search for the #crayola hashtag on Instagram surfaces everything from intricate fan-made “Crayoligraphy” handwriting art to crayon doodles from kids.

The brand’s social team makes good use of those assets by engaging with creators in the comments and republishing their posts. 

But the paid media team also wanted to take advantage of the content’s authenticity, which led it to Vivoom, a platform that allows people to use their phone or computer to create and share videos with branded templates and augmented reality filters.

Crayola tested the technology over two weeks in December as part of a larger holiday campaign, encouraging consumers to make holiday video cards and post them across social channels. The purpose was to see if consumers would generate quality video content that Crayola could later repurpose for other campaigns, including paid efforts.

During the test’s limited run, users only created a few hundred videos – but they garnered more than 300,000 views, with a 62% completion rate compared with the 52% average completion rate normally seen on Crayola’s video content. The $.04 cost-per-view rate was also far below the industry benchmark range of $.10 to $.30.

The results are proof that friend-to-friend and user-to-user engagement help performance, Scurato said. Crayola plans to tap its fans to power future content-driven initiatives, including online video campaigns.



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