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Air Canada wipes a clean slate for loyalty

Air Canada should be able to dramatically increase their agility when it comes to evolving a good loyalty program by not having a legacy system. 

Skift: Why Air Canada Is Starting from Scratch with Its Loyalty Program, 2018-Jan-31 by Brian Sumers

In 2002, Air Canada merely made Aeroplan, its frequent flyer program, into a separate company, but by 2008, after an initial public offering, it became independent. Aeroplan is now owned by Aimia, a publicly traded Canadian firm that operates it separately from the airline.... Now, Air Canada wants back in. In 2020, when its contract with Aimia expires, Air Canada will start its own new frequent flyer program. It’s still working out details, asking employees and customers what they want....

Mark Nasr, Air Canada's VP for loyalty and e-commerce: "We can’t actually comment in detail on the nature of the [Aimia] contract and the specific assets and ownerships of either side. But what I will say is data which naturally involved the airline, like where you fly and how many miles you earned flying, we have access to today. But richness in information about the customer as it relates to activity outside of core airline air travel is going to be an opportunity for us in the future — hotel activity, ground activity, retail. There’s also a level of richness with the credit card co-brand portfolio.

"There’s another point about data, and this is really important. It’s one thing to have data, and then it’s another thing to have the systems and infrastructure to act upon it to deliver value for customers. When we talk about in-sourcing, and we talk about data, one of the biggest advantages for us isn’t necessarily going to be a whole lot more data as much as it’s going to be a more modern platform that allows us to take that data and use it to customize service offerings."



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