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What I've learned over the last couple of days... is that... McCafe is the nexus for McDonald's next step into CRM as amplified by customer experience revolution. Many people think that digital purchase platforms will be key... but I believe the leverage provided by a strong digital purchasing platform is a SIDE EFFECT of the desire among customers to share their data with the brands they love. 

First, we select the product or service that makes us feel grounded and able to run our lives with less pain and more enjoyment. Then we share as much of our personal information as we can with the provider of that product or service. They become embedded. Then we become their tool (if we're not careful).

Diginomica: McDonald’s parks digital tanks on Starbucks lawn as coffee becomes CRM differentiator, 2017-Oct-25 by Stuart Lauchlan

So it was only a matter of time before there was some kind of collision looming and this week comments from McDonald’s CEO Stephen Easterbrook hinted a potential turf incursion onto Starbuck’s turf:

As we build out our digital capabilities and loyalty in CRM, we think coffee, because it’s such a habitual purchase, will play well against those customers who we want to encourage back more often. When we talk about converting casual customers to committed, we know coffee and snacking plays strongly against some of those more casual consumers.

That’s the rationale behind the burger firm’s rolling out of McCafe outlets. When Starbucks starts selling burgers, we’ll know this a serious clash coming up, but the old cup of java is now on the McDonald’s menu.




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