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A huge challenge for marketers is integrating social media activity into the CRM. It's not enough to have links to the social media profiles. We need to be able to tap into the data stream coming from those profiles. Here's an excellent story about how Marriott is innovating around this challenge. 

AdExchanger: Marriott Brings Customer Hospitality To Inhospitable Digital Media, 2017-Oct-19 by James Hercher

Marriott began working on Flywheel with Facebook last year to map its 100-million-member loyalty program to Facebook targeting signals, like travel searches or when people are in an airport. Andy Kauffman, who developed Flywheel and will be promoted to Marriott’s SVP of global marketing optimization beginning in January, said he hopes to extend Flywheel into Marriott’s broader marketing and operations....

For instance, Marriott’s loyalty team, its brand marketers and a team tasked with filling empty rooms could all be disconnectedly chasing the same people.

Flywheel has helped Marriott’s marketing department de-emphasize the objectives of specific teams by providing a more comprehensive view of customer identity.

The new approach “starts and stays with the individual and should map to what we understand about that person,” Kauffman said.

Whether someone is a rewards member or has previously downloaded the Marriott app and even details about previous stays and hotel preferences should all dictate the sequence of marketing, he said. And that’s only possible when Marriott can hold a single view of identity across media.

Facebook has hosted Marriott’s Flywheel efforts so far, but the brand wants to apply personalization and tracking beyond the social platform.



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