Warren Buffet's recommended strategy: Assault your bad habits

Powerful strategies allow you to navigate an ever-changing world. Warren Buffet's strategic advice is to attack your bad habits—habits that hold you back. Those habits don't always start out being bad. Your environment, goals, and strengths change over time. You need to be in the habit of evaluating your habits. Which ones are holding you back?

My current bad habits are junk food, rabbit-hole research, and reading without a purpose. What are yours?

Inc.: Warren Buffett Says There Is 1 Key Choice in Life That Separates the Doers From the Dreamers, 2022-Jun-2 by Marcel Schwantes

Warren Buffett once advised graduating students... to learn and practice good habits early in life. The key, [he said], is to catch and change your bad habits before [they change] you for the worse.