Status update

As Daniel Kahneman suggests, today I'll focus being happy and remembering it happily, too. #li

Thanks to Maria Popova for directing me to Daniel Kahneman's inspiring TED presentation about the difference between being happy and thinking of yourself as happy. 

Brain Pickings: Thinking, Fast and Slow: A New Way to Think About Thinking, 2011-Oct-26, by Maria Popova

Among the book’s most fascinating facets are the notions of the experiencing self and the remembering self, underpinning the fundamental duality of the human condition — one voiceless and immersed in the moment, the other occupied with keeping score and learning from experience. Kahneman spoke of these two selves and the cognitive traps around them in his fantastic 2010 TED talk

Failure as a strategic advantage. #li

People who haven't failed recently think they have it all figured out, but they are deluded. In fact, if you don't see failure in your life, you are the blind one. 

How we move: Why it is good to fail sometimes, 2011-Oct-27, by Carolin Dahlman

Research shows that people who are rich are less altruistic than those who are poor. It is like you can´t relate to people who are in a situation different from yours. It´s the same psychological mechanisms that are making us seek groups, look for enemies and find tribes – we hang out with those who are like us, and shun those who are not.
I used to be on top of the world, and up until I was in my early 30´s I couldn´t understand those who were not. I´m wiser today. I´m richer as a human being, having a broader range of experiences.  
Some days I say “screw it” and I write another article or book. Some days I whinge about life and don´t feel like being hungry and foolish at all. I´m not judging myself for it anymore. I´m human.