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Tyler says it out loud.

Can anyone access and share this entire column with me?

For centuries, the Western world has awarded higher status to what I will call ideas people — those who are good at developing, expressing and putting into practice new ways of thinking. The Scientific and Industrial revolutions greatly increased the reach and influence of ideas people.

AI may put that trend into reverse.

From Tyler Cowen's Bloomberg column of Jan. 25, 2024

My Favorite Innovation Tips from the Bill T. Gross Presentation at DLD24

I've been listening to innovators explain themselves for over 30 years, so it's hard for me to be surprised. So it was great hear Innovation OG Bill T. Gross mention a few things which hadn't occurred to me in the presentation linked below. Of his 10 Crucial Lessons, 3 of them jumped out at me... Why haven't I been doing that?!

Lesson 2: Great Timing. Every idea has its time. We need to launch at the right point in the "S" curve of adoption. You can't create the right environment, but if you're constantly assessing the environment, you can learn to see the signs.

Lesson 4: Iterate Like Crazy. Do, test, and adjust over and over again. The iterations you produce are WAY more valuable than the original idea, especially if you are iterating based on customer or user feedback.

Lesson 9: Assess Your Commitment. Are you willing to work for the rest of your life on the solution to this problem? If not, you're probably not committed enough to reach the successful solution.