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Don't let fear of ridicule squelch your ideas... even the "dumb" ones

Blogging to Inspire

The Ahrefs blog recently inspired me with an article about 'reasons to use content marketing.' They made the insightful comment that content marketing cannot directly drive action. In addition to educating and entertaining, they recommended inspiring the reader. I've never thought about, and now I think maybe that's what I always should have been doing!

Ahrefs: Content Marketing Goals: How Many & Which Ones, 2023-Feb-27 by Mateusz Makosiewicz


This is content that gives people “the spark” to act and achieve their goals. 

Inspiration is different from education in a way that it doesn’t serve complete solutions. It acts on imagination and emotion to show the possible or states an important question. Plus, it’s typically more influential than educational content. 

Inspiration works for businesses because it: 

  • Allows you to reach people before they experience a problem your product solves and when they’re not looking to solve a problem. This allows you to beat the competition to the punch.
  • Makes an emotional connection with your audience through excitement and enthusiasm. Emotions make brands unforgettable. 
  • Lets inspirational brands really stand out. 
  • Has the power to influence. 
  • May make people want to come back spontaneously. And that’s important because then the content makes its way to the reader without any competition.