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Contributing as a Team Leader

The Ends and Means of Diversity

Increasing diversity is both moral AND productive in organizations. An organization with diversity of employees is more likely to thrive. Acquiring a more diverse workforce turns out to be expensive in the short run. Suck it up!

Digital Tonto: We Need To Learn How To Bridge Difference To Drive Creativity And Innovation, 2023-Feb-19 by Greg Satell

We are encouraged to think about matters of diversity in moral terms and, of course, that’s an important aspect. However, it is also a matter of developing the right skills. The better we are able to bridge differences, the more effectively we can collaborate with others who have different perspectives, which is crucial to becoming more innovative and productive....

However, it is at this nexus of identity and purpose that creativity and innovation reside, because when we learn to collaborate with others who possess knowledge, skills and perspectives that we don’t, new possibilities emerge to achieve greater things.