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Writers can benefit from using ChatGPT to refine their drafts

Although I have not found the time to use ChatGPT myself, I have no doubt I will use it (or one of its sisters) in the future. Christopher S. Penn explains how writers can maintain their originality. I expect AI can give you (and me) insights about our writing which will help us improve.

Almost Timely News: What ChatGPT is Really Good At [...Refinement, NOT creation], 23-Jan-21 by Christopher S. Penn

This is what these tools excel at – taking data and transforming it, rearranging it, making it more useful. This preserves our originality, our ideas, our language, while improving the quality – and that’s what they’re best at. Because they’re not relying on a gigantic average of all the content they’ve ingested, because they’re using our own words and just cleaning up or rephrasing, they perform great AND keep the spirit of what we’re trying to say....

This is the power of transformer-based large language models. You can have them create something average from scratch, or provide them with the raw materials and they’ll create refined products – but keep your originality and spark in the final product.

Now you know the secret!