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Why innovation is a journey, not a process or a practice

The best innovators are explorers, always looking for new insights and tools. You can become very accomplished at innovation, but you can't nail it down.

Medium: Why Unlearning Is At Least As Important As Learning, 23-Jan-21 by Greg Satell

What I found most interesting was that most people defined innovation in terms of how they’d been successful in the past, or in the case of self-described gurus, what they’d seen and heard to be successful. By pointing to case studies, they could “prove” that their way was indeed the “right” way. In effect, they believed that what they experienced was all there is.

Yet as I’ve explained in Harvard Business Review, innovation is really about finding novel solutions to important problems and there are as many ways to innovate as there are different types of problems to solve. Many organizations expect the next problem they need to solve to be like the last one. Inevitably, they end up spinning their wheels.