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Networking done well

From the blog of Customer Experience expert Austin Govella... Professional introductions for networking at conferences, 2022-Apr-26 by Austin Govella

I learned this introduction format from design leader, Christina Wodtke (@cwodtke), who I think learned it from executive coach, Harry Max (@harrymax). Answer three questions:

  1. Your name

  2. Your role and company

  3. The most interesting thing about where you work

It works kind of like a Mad Lib:

Hello, my name is your name.
I am a your role at your organization
Where I the most interesting thing you do.

For example, my intro might go like this:

Hello, my name is Austin Govella.
I am a User Experience Lead at Avanade
Where I help enterprises transform how they connect with employees and customers.

As with business introductions, tailor your role, so the audience understands. For example, for general audiences, I might describe myself as a Project Lead instead of a UX Lead

Be interesting

The last part makes the magic: the most interesting thing you do where you work.