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Email newsletters are "not for the faint of heart"

As a newsletter publisher, I was heartened by Chris Short's story of a conscientious journey to responsible mass emailing. It shows me that I've been relying too hard on what any one email service provider does. I'm going to become better educated, and I aspire to be as conscientious as he is. I also appreciated the way he mentions his newsletter when networking with people. Things no one tells you when you start a newsletter, 2020-Mar-24

Mail delivery on the modern internet is one of the single hardest tasks out there. First, every administrator and engineer from the network to a user’s inbox assumes your mail is garbage. Second, the number and size of hurdles to sending mail out to thousands of people every week are enormous. Conquering the knowledge of mail servers, DNS, internet routing, networking, not to mention, design, and writing skills necessitate the services that are available to help.