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Why convincing skeptics is unnecessary

Reminder to consider your email audience

British company Perkbox Insights surveyed 1,928 people in late 2019 and found...

Perkbox Resources: The most annoying phrases you can use in an email, ranked, 2020-Jan-6 by Hazel Ramsell

The Top 5 best greetings for a work email:

  1. Hi – 49%
  2. Good morning / afternoon – 48%
  3. Hello – 21%
  4. Dear – 20%
  5. Happy [insert day]! eg Happy Friday! – 7%

Now for the worst

It seems like no greeting is a big no-no, with 53% saying that not greeting the recipient is the worst way to start an email. This is followed by the impersonal ‘To whom it may concern’ with 37% thinking this is unacceptable to use, with the friendly ‘Hey’ takes third place (28%).

The top 5 worst greetings for a work email:

  1. No greeting – 53%
  2. To whom it may concern – 37%
  3. Hey – 28%
  4. Happy [Insert day]! Eg Happy Friday – 23%
  5. Greetings – 22%

‘Kind Regards’, ‘Thanks’ and ‘Regards’ are the best ways to end an email

Now, they probably surveyed British companies, but this is valuable insight into how people feel about the tone of their business emails. Happy "day of the week" seems pretty polarizing!