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Building a career versus finding another job

This one of the most insightful articles about building a career that I've EVER read.

Major points: (Quoted verbatim)

  • It's not what you did, it's what happened when you did it.
    • Let people know:

      • Who worked on the project
      • What you built
      • Why you built it
      • When it was built
      • Where it was marketed / showcased
      • How you had impact
  • You have to be known in the community, or you have no credibility.
  • Don't be attached to your ideas... serve the project.
  • And this...

Medium: Reflections on my 10th year as a designer, 2021-Jun by Luis Ouriach’s alarming how much privilege has an impact on recruiting in our industry.

It took me many many years before I realized that a lot of high flying people are in that position because of an inherited network, or because they went to a specific university, or because maybe they are just white and male with a loud voice.

The industry needs to work hard to anonymize our hiring, so that we’re on a level playing field regardless of whether we work at a super shiny company or a small agency, or whether we have a certain look, or name, or follow a particular sports team.