Upgrading Retail with Digital Access

Posting is paused here, please visit CreativeHouston.org

Creative Houston is a new venture for me, an effort to build a business that could support the development of Houston as a magnet for talent and a creative hotbed for the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

Please visit the BETA web site at www.CreativeHouston.org, and check out LetsLaunch.com to see our crowdfunding campaign. 

We mean to be a data driven company, monitoring the way creative professionals view and appreciate the opportunities and resources in Houston. Our current campaign is to raise money for the foundational research we need to focus our efforts as we build the company. 

Creative Houston is a Texas-organized public benefit corporation, which means that we will provide annual reports on how we're contributing to the economic well-being of the city and its creative population. 

At Let's Launch, please purchase one or more shares in the company to support creative professionals, the city of Houston, and everyone whose hard work and ingenuity will make this a better place for all of us to live.