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Persuasive information makes the journey from data to story

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Good News: Herd Immunity, 2018-Mar-13 by Mike Monteiro

So, while you should absolutely include the study of data in your approach, recognize that when you get to the point where you’re trying to persuade someone about good work, you need a story. Work like a scientist but present like a snake-charmer. When I’m trying to persuade someone, I start by painting a picture in the person’s mind. There’s a future where you do what’s right, and I paint that rosy. There’s a future where you do what’s wrong, and I paint that dismally. My goal is to get you to walk into that rosier future, the one where everything works out. If you want to persuade someone, you need to take them on a little journey. Think of all the things that have ever persuaded you in your life. Think of all the memorable speeches you’ve seen. Think of how they moved you. Those people did the work. They collected the data. Then they used it to tell a story. 

If you’re not persuading people, you’re not telling a good enough story.