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Being an innovator, living with loyalty, like Tig Notaro

On Finding Your Roots, a brief interchange between Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Tig Notaro stopped me in my tracks. They were talking about the fact that one of her ancestors was elected mayor of New Orleans by fellow members of his working class, whose interests her ancestor defended. "I love loyalty," says Notaro, and Gates responds with something like "Me, too." And then they moved on. 

The interchange seemed odd to me, so I did some research about Notaro and realized that her 2015 movie "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro" was built around her offer to select a few loyal fans for private appearances. The fans had to audition, 1000 responded, and only five got performances, but it was quite a road trip, and her health was still an issue. An article in Wired emphasizes Notaro's desire to connect with her fans. 

So I see Notaro as an innovator in comedy, a field where originality is highly prized. And I think loyalty, a conservative value, is a challenge for innovators--so I really appreciate how she's leaned into it. 

She's a role model for me.