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Learning how to leverage status-seeking behavior for Creative Houston

Thanks to Eugene Wei for explaining it all so that I finally understand Instagram, among many other things. 

As I develop the business plan for Creative Houston, I have to try and anticipate how Houstonians will react to this platform that is about them, but not targeted to them. Creative Houston is targeted to creative professionals who do NOT occupy or know the Houston area well. Yet, if it's successful, many Houstonians will know and possibly revile Creative Houston. Well, most Houstonians will probably appreciate it even though I don't have a goal of being popular with them. Certainly not all of them. 

I've learned many things by following, a forum where Houstonians are often representing Houston to out-of-towners. This Reddit community includes a very diverse array of people, many of whom are not 'creative professionals.' Many of these Redditors seek status by ridiculing Houston, and they claim they want to drive people away. Whew. Loyalty can cause people to do weird things. 

Anyway, by reading through Eugene Wei's very long and excellent review of status-seeking behavior online, I've gained a much better understanding of how Creative Houston will impact status-seeking Houstonians. We will be highlighting artists, entrepreneurs, and city resources that will make Houston appealing as a destination for creative professionals. We will have curated, community-driven, and commercial components to the business. And we will no doubt earn a few trolls. But I hope that if we structure the business properly, we can help more Houstonians to notoriety, power, and success as creatives. 

Remains of the Day blog: Status as a Service, 2019-Feb-26 by Eugene Wei

IMDb and Wikipedia are two companies which built up entire valuable databases almost entirely by building mechanisms to harness the equal mix of status-seeking and altruism of domain experts. As with Reddit, accumulating a certain amount of reputation on these services unlocked additional abilities, and both companies built massive databases of information with very low production and editorial costs.

You can think of social capital accumulation incentives like these as ways to transform the potential energy of status into whatever form of kinetic energy your venture needs.