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Can 'gated offers' protect consumers' data?

A company called SheerID is promoting this 'respectful' method of collecting personal information. This system certainly protects companies from abuse of their offers, but it remains to be seen if it can protect consumers. Nice promise, we'll see. 

Diginomica: Gated offers--a different approach to personalization that gives consumers control, 2019-Mar-4 by Barb Mosher Zinck

A gated offer works like this:

  • A brand targets a specific segment of its market, such as small business, military, teachers and so on with a special offer across their channels.
  • Someone goes to the offer and has to verify they are a part of that segment by providing information about themselves.
  • The visitor is verified and gets the offer.

A couple of examples: Spotify offers a 50% discount to students, T-mobile provides discounts for members of the military and their families, and Target offers a discount for teachers.... 

According to SheerID, gated offers see higher conversion rates. Schneider said a brand could see three times the conversion rate compared to other tactics, and get a return on investment of 18-1 and 20-1.

A gated offer also works well with privacy regulations because it requires explicit consent. Consumers self-identify and proactively choose to provide their information in exchange for a good deal. Another benefit is that consumers who are part of a group (tribe) are more likely to share the offer with others in their community, bringing even more customers to the brand.