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Building our companies around people vs. data

As we build our companies from the ground up, different processes and IT systems are installed to handle different tasks. It's becoming increasingly clear that customers will not tolerate these silos. If our customer marketing system is not integrated with our customer service system, we will drive customers away. They now expect us to recognize every way they've ever intersected with our company, and change our behavior accordingly. 

In order to have a good and growing base of customers who appreciate our company, we have to create a single IT system to take care of these people. That's why the author of the article below works for Oracle. I'm not sure they can make systems affordable to startups, though. 

VentureBeat: Your company’s secret weapon is its post-sale data, 2019-Mar-17 by Shawn Myers

Today, companies are attempting to harness the power of data to predict their customers’ desires with new precision. In fact, research shows that companies plan to nearly triple spending on analytics within the next three years.

While I applaud this, the reality is that most organizations lack the data expertise and technology to make it happen. Although plenty of marketers are eager to use data to improve customer experience, many describe their current technology as “fragmented” and “inconsistent.” Throwing more money at the problem won’t change anything unless marketers become more adept at understanding the data they collect.

That was certainly the case for the food delivery app. Over the weeks that followed my delivery disaster, the gaps in their use of the data they have on me became glaringly clear. I received relentless emails asking me to rate and review my experience — even though I had already provided negative feedback to customer service. I had clearly been added to a list of past customers but not to a list of people with customer service complaints.