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How do you evaluate employee loyalty?

The right way to fund good journalism... be an innovator

Good citizens want good journalism, and although no one of us may be able to pay the whole salary for a journalist, every community should be thinking about what they need to know, and how they're going to be sure that someone is around to find out for them. 

Also, publications should be looking for as many was to get funded as they can think up. Be innovators!

The Outline: Journalism should be free, 2019-Feb-06 by Mari Cohen and Christian Belanger

Any system that prioritizes free journalism will likely end up achieving that end through a patchwork set of measures. (There’s also, for instance, the possibility of setting up city-operated newspapers.) And it may be true that holding fast to the principle of journalism as a public good is incompatible with the demands of the market. But instead of capitulating to the demands of capital, we should be thinking about how our social and political worlds prioritize profiteering above all else, and how we might move beyond that.