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How to inspire loyalty from service professionals

How do you evaluate employee loyalty?

We have to look at the well-being of our employees. Are they energized by being at work? Do they speak honestly and thoughtfully? Are they supporting each other as well as the company and its leaders? Retired Marine Colonel Steve Corcoran, now at Telos, uses this question: "What time do you go to work in the morning?" The correct answer isn't a time, it's an attitude: "As soon as I wake up." 

The Wise Marketer: On Leadership, Trust & Loyalty, 2019-Feb-5 by Bill Hanifin

With the influence model, company executives are not commanding people to do things, Corcoran explained. “You’re influencing them to obtain the highest potential that they possibly can. You’ve created the environment, you shape the environment where they want to create that potential.”