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Loyalty expert Jackie Huba hired by Houston startup Rally

On the QViews website, you can scroll down to my recommended books and see Creating Customer Evangelists by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell. Jackie Huba has gone onto to build an amazing consulting practice that teaches businesses how to make customers feel special. 

Rally is a recovery and rehydration drink created in Houston. It's been growing for a couple of years and is now available at HEB, Spec's and other regional outlets. 

Congratulations to Rally and Jackie... I know you'll do well together! 

BusinessWire: Beverage Company “Rally” Hires Sales and Marketing Talent to Connect With Customers, Fuel Growth, and Expand Into New Markets, 2018-Dec-3 

Rally is designed to help athletes -- including football players, runners, cyclers, CrossFit enthusiasts and more -- achieve their top physical performance and aid in quick recovery.... Rally is available select HEB, Spec’s, and local retailers in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.