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Planning your newsletter with the time-frame measure of relationships

Newsletter frequency is traditionally every month, but weekly newsletters are becoming more popular. Newsletters that arrive without fail on the same day each week become part of many people's routine, especially if they reliably make a contribution to someone's life. 

Blue Penguin Development: The Friendship Illusion, 2018-Oct-19 by Michael Kat

Time frame and relationship strength are tightly correlated

When it comes to topics of discussion, in general, the better you and I know each other, the more frequently we communicate and, therefore, the narrower the time frame of the news we share.

My wife: one day.

My friends Matt and Rick who I meet at our local bar most Tuesday nights: one week.

People I went to high school with: 40 years.

All of this has important implications for the way you write and, in turn, the effectiveness of your marketing.

Simply put, if you want people to feel like they know you well, use short, specific time frames.