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McKinsey finds that good design is a corporate goal as important as revenue and profit

  1. Design performance is a measurable goal like revenue and profit, and top management should treat it as such. 
  2. The customer experience at every touchpoint is all part of the same product/service design. 
  3. Employees achieve design excellence by working on cross-functional teams. 
  4. Commitment to constant testing, measuring and revising is crucial. 

McKinsey Quarterly: The Business Value of Design, 2018-October, by Benedict Sheppard, Hugo Sarrazin, Garen Kouyoumjian, and Fabricio Dore

The diversity among companies achieving top-quartile MDI performance shows that design excellence is within the grasp of every business, whether product, service, or digitally oriented. Through interviews and our experience working with companies to transform their strength in design, we’ve also discovered that one of the most powerful first steps is to select an important upcoming product or service and make a commitment to using it as a pilot for getting the four elements right. This approach showed far better financial results than trying to improve design as a theme across the whole company—for example, conducting trials of cross-functional work in isolation from real products or services.