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Why business owners take action: GEMPS

Remember GEMPS! The decisions made by independent business owner/operators are driven by a need for Growth, Ethics, Money, People or Self-fulfillment... and I bet the order of importance varies by person and probably over time. And I suspect these drivers don't much apply very much in larger businesses where decisions are made by teams. 

Flux Studio Notes: Stop Talking and Start Listening: Behaviour Change at Scale, 2018-Aug-15 by Ariel Lerner

So it’s not that these business owners don’t care about the environment, it’s just that there are other things they care about more.... 

...we uncovered five broad motivations that drive business owners and office managers: business growth, self-fulfillment, people, ethics and money. We also discovered that the financial savings to be made by individual businesses are so small that most don’t bother pursuing cost-cutting energy initiatives.... 

Few people would admit that they don’t care about the environment, so if a survey asks why an individual isn’t energy conscious, they’ll answer that they haven’t learned about what they need to do, or say they don’t have the money to make improvements.
These aren’t barriers, they’re excuses.

Because, ultimately, no one wants to feel like they’re being judged. The best way to encourage energy efficiency is to shut up about energy efficiency and start talking about the things that actually motivate people.