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I do not normally listen to videos in order to learn, but this series from Peter Levine is very efficient. I have a deep marketing education already, and breadth of experience with salespeople, but this set of lectures allows me to check out the specific angles I have never handled before.  

Andreessen Horowitz: All Things Sales! 16 Mini-Lessons for Startup Founders, 2018-Sep-2 by Peter Levine

It takes time for an organization to learn how to sell its product.... The sales learning curve is divided into three phases: initiation, transition and execution.... 

We think about the initiation phase as hiring what I would call a "Renaissance rep." The person is probably technical, they're used to being a one-person band. There's no sales engineer or marketing department... just a lone wolf out there trying to drum up business. You're not going to find the Renaissance Rep coming out of a large organization.... 

Hire a VP Sales in the Execution phase.... And then, your Renaissance reps carry you into new geographies and new products. 

This perspective made SO much sense to me... I know about these things but not how to put them together. Peter Levine is a great teacher. I wish I had him as an MBA program professor years ago.