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Why the U.S. should stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Now. (Ethics for marketers)

I had this feeling but I couldn't explain it. Fortunately, Scott Galloway can. 

No Mercy/No Malice: Brand & Bone Saws, 2018-Oct-19 by Scott Galloway

The Founding Fathers were, at their core, incredible marketers who knew the Constitution needed to reach beyond its grasp and paint the promise of America. The strongest brand in the world, delivering loyalty and irrational returns on investment — that’s the US. When you are 5% of the world’s population but command a quarter of its resources, then we, the US, are the Jedi master of brand. Core to our brand code is independence, equality, rule of law, liberty, risk-taking, generosity, work, and moral leadership.... 

The US is a 20 trillion dollar economy. To erode our brand code is to weaken the margins and loyalty of every product and service we produce. Billions of people buy our products and services based on our discipline to sacrifice short-term profits in support of our code. Eroding our brand in exchange for $15–$110B in arms sales (a value of 0.1%–0.6% of our GDP) is not only the wrong thing to do, but the stupid thing to do.