Better customer relationships require contextual analysis
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The leading edge in strategies for customer loyalty

As ad agencies invest more in time and effort to understand behavioral science, new strategies are being developed to deepen customer loyalty. Transactional loyalty is being left behind as if it were just price discounting (which it is). 

The Wise Marketer: Four Loyalty Lessons from Behavioral Science, 2018-Sep-18 by Charlie Hills

 4 lessons for loyalty marketers:

1. Good member engagement is heavily reliant on the smart application of creativity, data and contextual relevance. Use all three, not just one in developing your loyalty strategies.

2. Invest the time and resource to understand what the data actually means.

3. By building communities which interact, share and even gift points or rewards to each other, marketers can improve programme effectiveness.

4. Simplicity, personalization, and tapping into the subconscious should be 3 areas of focus for programs.

[Emphasis added.]