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Publishing content to customer needs, not a calendar

Issues in establishing an alternative commerce platform

For the Creative Houston startup, I'm thinking about hosting a marketplace for emerging local artists. Based on this article, this strategy might succeed as long as we plan to let the artists graduate off the niche platform and join the big boys... 

SSRN: Competing with Complementors: An Empirical Look at Amazon.com, 2018-Jun-6 by Feng Zhu and Qihong Liu

Platform owners can exert considerable influence over their complementors’ welfare. Many complementors with successful products are pushed out of markets because platform owners enter their product spaces and compete directly with them. To mitigate such risks, complementors could build their businesses by aggregating non-blockbuster products or focusing on products requiring significant platform-specific investments to grow. They should also develop capabilities in new product discovery so that they could continually bring innovative products to their platforms.