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Confidence and confirmation in customer relationships

The customer experience of paying online can be frightening. Any signal that the transaction is insecure or the seller is sloppy can destroy a budding relationship. Is the Transactional Email Experience Critical for Customer Loyalty?, 2018-Jul-3 by Laura Chieri of Mailjet

In our recent research study, we found that 93% of consumers would consider choosing a rival brand following a negative transactional email experience.

So, what aspect would lead to a dissatisfactory interaction? Fear not, we asked that too.

  • Spelling, grammar and language mistakes.
  • Emails that contained sensitive information.
  • Emails that don’t visually look like a brand’s website.
  • Emails that took a long time to arrive in the inbox.
  • Emails that reached the SPAM box, rather than the inbox.
  • Emails that got categorized by Gmail as a ‘promotion’ or not a focused email by Outlook.