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Why SEO isn't about building traffic, it's about understanding customers

SEO is often seen as a matter of gaming the search engines, but it's actually a powerful fundamental marketing tool on the internet. This article arms us to use it for the long-term benefit of our business. 

The Wiglaf Journal: Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO, 2018-May by Brooklin Nash 

The bedrock of building up your SEO is good research – which will benefit your entire business in the long run. SEO requires learning more about your target audience through keyword research. You start with something small—using one word or phrase that you think people will use to find your service or product.

From there, you can create lists of relevant keywords that you can use in creating new SEO content, branching out into new areas, and informing other marketing efforts. On the tail end, SEO analysis will help you research your customers, who’s visiting your site, where they are coming from, and how they act.