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How to live with anxiety and not be ruled by it

Reading this article made me remember that I've lately been filling the 'liminal space' in unproductive ways. Playing with my iPhone helps me avoid worrying but using the time to observe and release my anxieties is much more productive.  

Katie Malachuk: The Cool Boredom of Being a Grown-Up, 2017-Oct-17

Thanks to meditation, I better understood that anxiety was a common reaction to the uncertainty of human life. On its face, human life is uncertain. We’re here but don’t know why or for how long, and we never really know what is going to happen next. Of course we’re anxious. That anxiety easily inspires the dark, disoriented sense that life is too difficult and maybe I shouldn't be here at all. Or, as one of my friends recently put it to me, “Oh, we all got that.” And, we all have the opposite response that I’m the most important person alive and doing it better than those people over there. Generally speaking, our anxious hot boredom reaction to life’s uncertainty is the grand project of me—developing habitual strategies to either prove our worthiness or affirm our unworthiness. We often run parallel tracks working self-promotion and self-destruction simultaneously—hence our relentless outward displays of achievement, acquisition and awesomeness coupled with secret, shadowy stuff around food, intoxicants, sex, internet, etc. I’m the best and I’m the worst are two sides of the same confused ego coin.