More than technology, CRM is process
Why we should focus on helping our customers become better people.

To change someone's mind: start by exploring what you can learn from them

We could make an impression on another person with an impassioned speech, but we are unlikely to change their mind unless we show them that we actually appreciate their position. Not that we validate it, but that we accept it. It is what it is. From there we can begin a journey. The first step is to show the other person how their ideas have influenced us, what we've learned, and how we're going to change based on learning from them. 

When I started studying training as a profession, my role models made a point that adult learners are competent. They are NOT looking to be fixed. We should start by asking them how they are currently coping with challenges. What do they know and how have they succeeded? We learn together. 

Harvard Business Review: Closing the Strategy-Execution Gap, 2017-Oct-30 by Alison Reynolds and David Lewis

People do not change their minds through being told, however open and inclusive the communication may be. When we have skin in the game, reason counts for far less than we might think. It is an oft-forgotten feature of human nature that if you want to influence someone, a good start is to show they have influenced you. If you are open to others, others tend to be open to you. Influence comes through interaction.