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More than technology, CRM is process

We now have so many excellent CRM applications available, the challenge is finding one that can fit the processes that you will actually use. 

Clearhead: You Can't Buy Personalization, 2017-Jul-18 by David J. Neff

You can’t buy personalization. Why not? Because it’s not a single technology point solution. Don’t get me wrong: when it comes to technology point solutions you can buy product recommendation tools. You can buy testing tools that allow personalization. You can buy audience segmentation tools. You can even buy a data warehouse. But you can’t buy personalization. So why not?

To personalize in a meaningful way you need to bring together disparate data sources and teams that might not typically ever operate outside their silos.

Similar to testing, we find that lack of technology isn’t the problem when it comes to personalization. According to our latest research, while 64% of retailers have the technology they tend to lack the process and rigor needed to execute their personalization efforts.