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Vince Lombardi on loyalty and leadership

Last month Fast Company co-founder Bill Taylor sent an email newsletter that resurrected a story about Vince Lombardi which resonates so strongly these days when everyone seems intent on belittling everyone else. It also reminds me that the greatest achievements of my life have occurred when working on teams. 

Bill Taylor wrote: reminded me of an essay I wrote for HBR on Lombardi’s surprising message for businesspeople who like to draw lessons from sports.

What was that message? That love is more powerful than hate. “The love I’m speaking of is loyalty, which is the greatest of loves,” Lombardi told the American Management Association in his first-ever lecture to executives. “Teamwork, the love that one man has for another and that he respects the dignity of another…I am not speaking of detraction. You show me a man who belittles another and I will show you a man who is not a leader…Heart power is the strength of your company. Heart power is the strength of the Green Bay Packers. Heart power is the strength of America and hate power is the weakness of the world.”

The Lombardi quote comes from the David Maraniss 1999 biography of Vince Lombardi, When Pride Still Mattered: Lombardi.

Bill Taylor's essay for Harvard Business Review is here: On Valentine's Day, an Ode to Leadership and Love, 2012-Feb-14. You can subscribe to Bill's wonderful email newsletter here