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Communicate your value proposition with a 'solution reflex'

The 'solution reflex' is a cool tool for any business person who frequently has to introduce their business model. 

Steady CRM:

  • Problem: Businesses lose track of their customers.
  • Solution: Loyalty and/or communications programs that systematically touch customers.
  • Market: Medium-sized companies that are outgrowing their original systems.
  • Business model: Installation and support of customer relationship management tools and processes. 

Not great but it's a start. 

VentureBeat: Your Business Summary is in the Wrong Order, 2016-Nov-13 by Dave Bailey

An effective summary answers questions in four ordered categories; Problem, Solution, Market and Business Model. I’ve used this approach to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of funding from angel investors and VCs. It works really well.

Starting with the problem grounds your business real-world context. It presents your business as purposeful, urgent, and user-centered. But something else happens when you tell someone a problem. It triggers a “solution reflex”: When people identify with problems, they instinctively want a solution. Activating the solution reflex is a powerful way to hold someone’s attention.