To add new loyal customers, make sure your web site's personas are fresh
Plan to collect data about your customers regularly

Relative importance of CRM as a marketing technology

CRM technology is a given at most large companies these days, and it's often used as a data repository instead of a marketing tool, so no return on investment is expected. 

Good SEO and content marketing will bring in new customers, leading to increased revenue. Understanding and using the data in our CRM tools will help us improve our share of existing customers' activities, leading to increased profits and revenue. Why settle for revenue when we can have higher profits as well? How are our competitors handling this issue? 

eMarketer: What Technologies Are Most Important to Marketers?, 2015-Oct-1


On the other hand, CRM's relatively low ROI expectations (23%) when compared to its overall marketing technology importance according to US B2B marketers suggests that, while ROI is obviously important to marketers, it's not the whole story.