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To sustain our business, we have to keep managing the relationships

When we discover a new customer and they really like us (really!), we may fool ourselves into expecting smooth sailing. While it's good to experience the sun shining on us, we have to keep steering our business by accepting responsibility to manage the relationship.  Tq150908bw

Years ago I was very upset when my partner wanted to resign an account that was ready to flood us with new business. I wasn't the one in charge of the relationship, and my partner was hearing that customer demand many changes to the terms of business. The customer was quickly becoming unmanageable. 

We can't control our customers, our luck, or much of our environment. The best we can do is prepare and decide what's good for our business, what our customers are allowed to expect, and what value we expect in exchange. 

The Likeable Expert Gazette: Fly the Friendly Skies, 2015-Sep-4 by Michael Katz

People who've never worked for themselves often make this same erroneous assumption about running a business: They think it will be a steady climb, when in fact, it's anything but.

In my experience, it goes something like this:

Up ... up ... down ... sidewayssssss ... up ... more up ... down ... down ... what the ... maybe I should get a job again ... oh look, leveling off ... AMAZING! ... sideways the other way ... AAArrrrggggg!!! .... down ... UP ... UP ... what the hell just happened?

And that's all before lunchtime.

My point is simply this: It's September, the time when we all get serious again and "go for it." Nothing wrong with that; I intend to do the same.

Just remember, no matter how long you've been at it, it's never a straight shot and there's always a lot of bobbing. And even if you have a couple (or several) bad months in a row, it's to be expected. It doesn't mean you're failing.

As they say in flight school (I'm assuming), no matter what appears to be going wrong, don't forget to keep flying the plane.