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Four straightforward steps to start customer journey mapping

We recently went through the painful process of creating journey maps for a newly identified set of personas with one of my clients. IStock_000019694326XSmallPersona development was not tough because feedback from a recent increase in communications had demonstrated that customers had different information preferences. We couldn't afford to verify with research, but we did layout a foundation to future research.

Mapping turned out to be very messy and confusing. Finding free or low-cost tools was hard. Several meetings with staff who interact directly with customers was required to identify touchpoints and customer requests. Then sorting things out into a map was VERY confusing. 

Nevertheless, when completed, the maps helped us quickly sketch out two items: the major communication needs of the customers, and the overlooked opportunities for the organization. What a relief! It would have been helpful to have had the tip below when we started... 

CMS Wire: Journey Mapping the Customer Experience, 2015-Aug-6 by Christine Crandell

According to Jeff Freund, CEO and co-founder of Akoonu, “Your journey maps need to capture four core dimensions at each buying stage for each of your buyer personas:

  • The buyer’s participation level (driver, participant, gate-keeper),
  • the buyer’s informational and internals needs,
  • the buyer’s activities to fulfill those needs, and
  • the buyer’s content preferences.”