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Understanding Apple's iPhone Loyalty Strategy

Don't reward Harris County Toll Road Authority, and others, for being disloyal.

So I really like the toll roads in Harris County. They make my life easier. I have driven through many of their toll booths and happily paid the toll.  IStock_000019396853XSmall

Now one of their toll booths is not reading my toll-paying sticker. I got a TxTag sticker because Harris County Toll Road Authority told me that I can drive their roads and pay with a TxTag sticker. Although I have paid tolls at dozens of HCTRA booths, it's now my responsibility to contact TxTag and make them prove to HCTRA I'm a good customer. Even thought I have no control over the relationship between HCTRA and TxTag. 

Uh, no. That's bad customer service. HCTRA can take one look at my record and see that, over many months, I've paid at many of their toll plazas but one. The time periods covered indicate the problem is with the toll booth, not the sticker. 

If I were NOT a customer loyalty expert, I would pay the $36 and/or avoid that toll booth. But that would reinforce to HCTRA that they are treating their customers well. But they aren't. And I have to stand up for myself and other customers. I will boycott HCTRA roads until they address their problem.