Using Customer Data to Find New Profit Streams at Fox Networks and American Apparel
To sustain our business, we have to keep managing the relationships

How owning up to mistakes leads to better loyalty

The dynamic of admitting our mistakes to customers is not a one-and-done transaction. Our customers are not surprised to learn we aren't perfect, and they judge us by the process we use to handle mistakes. When deciding how to handle a mistake, consider the following issues: IStock_000023751696XSmall

  1. What will our customers have to do to minimize or recover from any damage?
  2. How can we help? (Consider assistance to their customers and employees first, refunds and credits last.)
  3. How can we use this opportunity to demonstrate our trustworthiness?
  4. Where does this mistake fit into our history... and how does it revise our story? 

Signal VS Noise: What Kind of Company Are You?, 2015-Aug-25 by Claire Lew

I decided to personally email the eighty-some CEOs affected by our mistake. In a short note, I explained what we messed up, and how sorry we were.

I offered a small credit as a token of how bad we felt, knowing of course that it wouldn’t make up for it. I gave folks my personal cell phone number and told them to call me anytime if they had questions, concerns, etc.

Then I braced myself for the reaction.... read more