Better ways of monitoring customer "satisfaction" lead to loyalty
Using Customer Data to Find New Profit Streams at Fox Networks and American Apparel

We profit from the customer loyalty process, not the tactics or the technology

Loyalty programs with incentives and CRM tools enable us to build customer loyalty, but they often get in the way.  IStock_000019813515XSmall

The foundation of loyalty is understanding and support of the customer. When the customer feels valued, they support us with more transactions, feedback and advocacy. In many ways, the discounts we offer them and the database we use to track their actions are just the ways we measure ourselves, not them. We have to use the tools, tactics and technology to create a loyalty-building process we can sustain. 

Retail Touch Points Blog: Dispelling Five Major Myths of Customer Loyalty, 2015-Jul-13 by Ryan Rose of Clutch

Here’s a look at five fundamental myths that commonly snag brands’ loyalty initiatives.

  1. The backbone of customer loyalty is discounts.
  2. The key to loyal customers is rewarding the transaction.
  3. Customer loyalty is an expense only 'big brands' can afford.
  4. Customer loyalty technology is too complex to integrate.
  5. There's just too much customer data to keep up with.